The women that walk through our doors are so very important to us. We want them to walk away feeling empowered, beautiful, and ready to take on the world. Read what some of our clients have to say about their experience.


I chose to do the boudoir photo session for my husband for our two year wedding anniversary.  I had been wanting to do this for him for our wedding, but I got too busy and just kept putting it off.  Then I got pregnant and was definitely way too busy.  I came to the point, 7 months after I had my baby boy, where I needed to feel beautiful and sexy again.  I wanted my husband to see me as this and remember it, and I wanted it for me…after having a baby you’re so busy taking care of others that you forget you have to take care of yourself at times also.  So that was it!  I decided to book the session.  I was scared, nervous, shy, and I thought it would be very awkward.  I was completely wrong!  Joel and Shannon made this so fun and easy.  I was able to be pampered by getting my hair and make-up done by Shannon, while relaxing music played in the background and we talked about our families, lives, and different things I was looking for in my photoshoot.  I was also able to talk with Joel and Shannon about my wardrobe ideas.  Very down to earth people… I felt like I was just hanging out with my friends!  During the session we laughed a lot and they encouraged me with every photo.  They never once made me feel awkward, and I could tell they were focusing on their work and making me look the best!  I felt like a super model! Something I haven’t felt in a long time.  They even encouraged me to have a date night with my husband that evening since I was all done up, and that we did… I left the studio feeling so beautiful, confident and even felt like I loved my husband a little more!  That night was such a great night!

The experience did not end here though.  They called me back the following week and invited me to their studio to view my photos and choose which ones I liked the best.  I thought I would just be looking at pictures, but I was wrong.  When I got there, they had a slideshow of my photos, with music, for me to view, enjoy and watch.  I was in awe!  The pictures were absolutely beautiful and I actually ended up getting emotional, because we mom’s know that sometimes as a mother you just don’t feel that pretty.  I couldn’t believe my eyes and I often asked, “Is that really what I look Like?”  Shannon would laugh and say, “Yes! You are beautiful!” I wondered how I was going to choose between all of these photos.  But Shannon made this part easy too! We went through every photo and I was in charge of which ones to keep and which ones to get rid of.  We did this several times, comparing photos, and eliminating the ones I thought weren’t the best.  Shannon also helped me decide between photos when I was stuck, by giving her artistic advice.  Within a half hour I had the photos picked out!  After this, we went through each photo and Shannon asked me if there was anything I would like touched up.  She even made me feel more beautiful when she told me that I don’t really need it!  Many times during this viewing, I expressed my gratitude towards them, and Shannon explained that it was their goal to give me and every other woman that does this session, the experience that they will never forget, to make us feel beautiful, sexy, and confident, have fun, and strengthen your relationship with your special someone.  I truly felt like that was what they had done for me, and the sincerity of it was so genuine.

I left the studio, once again, feeling on top of the world.  I am so glad that I went through with this, and I encourage any woman thinking about it, to just do it, and you will feel 100% happy with your choice!


One of the best decisions I made during the wedding planning process was doing a session with LaFleur Boudoir. Not only did the pictures turn out beautifully, but Joel and Shannon were incredibly easy to work with. From doing hair and makeup, helping me get into the tricky outfits, and just generally making me feel comfortable that I could do whatever positions I felt like doing. I highly suggest meeting with them and booking an appointment. They'll make you feel beautiful and confident!


40 is awesome. I love that I am at a point in my life where I can look back with clarity and look ahead with great hope. The lessons learned, the challenges overcome, and the experiences that have enriched my outlook on life… The good, the great, the bad, the sad… I wouldn’t change a thing,

My husband and I have been married nine years. We have two young boys who are happy, kind young people. We have a comfy house and fulfilling careers. Most of all I am thankful for our little family’s health and wellness, which I never take for granted. I was thrilled to turn 40 — my favorite age so far — in part because there was a time in my life when I worried I might not see 40. In my 20s I had a prolonged health concern — a malignant tumor in my chest wall. It required several invasive operations that involved not only my chest but my back and neck as well. As awful as that experience was, it was doubly inspiring. After recovering both physically and mentally from all of pain and suffering, I took hold of my life with white knuckles. It was time to live and live fully. No regrets.

In tribute to my struggle, several times over the years I considered having my scars photographed in an artful way. And then when I turned 40, I had an “ah-ha” moment: I was in the best physical shape I had been since before conceiving our oldest son, and I feel like I am at the summit of my life (although I do hope this summit plateaus for a ways off into the distance!). So I thought about the scar photos, and then I thought about honoring my body, which has been so good to me on this sometimes rocky journey. And I thought about my husband and how he wishes he could see more of me, if you know what I mean.

All those threads of inspiration led me to boudoir photography. And I assure you I am not an exhibitionist; I don’t even like everyday snapshots of myself, and I live life fully clothed at all times. But I did several Google searches, quickly able to discriminate among the different artists. I know myself — that I wanted something classy but a tad steamy, too. Something tasteful and professional. Something timeless. One photography company seemed to match my goals: LaFleur Boudoir. Shannon and I exchanged several emails. She seemed kind, professional, and helpful. So one day I took a deep breath and just did it. I booked my appointment. And oh my, am I so thankful that I took that leap of faith.

My session was fantastic. Shannon and Joel are total pros, and they anticipated every need, question, and concern I might have. Immediately upon entering their gorgeous studio I was put at ease. Beautiful samples of their wedding work especially proved they are the real deal. Shannon did a great job with my makeup and hair — and then after she helped me dust off my heals (literally… I don’t get out much!), we got to work. The scenes I did were natural, easy, fun. Joel made me crack up laughing, and Shannon’s guidance calmed my nerves.

Women come to boudoir photography for wide range of reasons. I came for my husband, sure. But I also came for my body, which saw me through tumors and two kids, and also for myself — for the success I’ve earned in my career, for the loving mother I try to be every day, for the woman I am still becoming. I am so thankful to have captured a moment in time where I feel like I am on top of the world.

What you should know about Shannon and Joel: They are very talented and professional with that talent at every turn. They are highly organized, and your start-to-finish process with them is extremely well thought out. There is no funny business here — no grey areas of decency, no weirdness, no awkwardness. These are just two people who are really good at what they do — photography — and just as good at providing a high-end experience to their clients.

If you are on the fence, do it. If you have doubts, do it. If you are scared, do it. Reluctance, doubts, fears… Do not let them rule your head. Follow your heart and book LaFleur today. Life is short and precious and beautiful. Let Shannon and Joel document it for you.

P.S. Take up Shannon on that glass of wine she offers you upon arrival! Wise move!


I decided to do boudoir photos for my husband for our anniversary and while I was excited,  I had not lost all of my baby weight before it was time for the photos so needless to say I was nervous! My best friend was having photos taken as well and to say that it was an amazing experience was an understatement!  As a wife and busy mama to three, there isn't much time for myself. The day of the photos, I felt catered to and beautiful. Aside from my wedding day, I cannot remember ever feeling that beautiful (or sexy).  Shannon and Joel immediately made us feel comfortable and took our concerns and needs seriously. They are an expert at their craft and I truly believe every woman, no matter her size or place in life should do this for herself. I was doing this for my husband and I had no idea how much I would get out of the experience. They were for me just as much as they were for him!