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My name is Shannon Conner. My husband Joel and I own Lafleur Boudoir. It is my mission to help each woman I meet to realize in the deepest places of her heart how precious, valuable, and beautiful she is both on the inside and outside. If you are anything like me, you might have a hard time feeling beautiful from day to day. I know the negative self-image that haunts most of us. We will never be good enough. We will never be pretty enough. We will never live up to the expectations that society places on us. But, when we take a step back and look at ourselves the way that others in our lives see us, we can begin to recognize that we are exactly the person that we are meant to be. That we are perfect in our imperfections.

My goal is to show you the beauty that you might be missing. I want you to walk again seeing what others see in you. I want to pull out those amazing parts of your heart that you are afraid to show. There is a daring, sensual, captivating woman in you, and I want to help that woman live boldly.


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Ok, let’s get this out of the way first. Having a man as your boudoir photographer may be uncomfortable for some of you. That’s why many of our clients prefer to work with Shannon, and I totally understand and support that. I never planned to be a boudoir photographer…at all. When Shannon asked me to help her when she was getting started, I was much more nervous than our clients were. But once I started doing it, I realized I had something different to offer the women who came through our doors.

I believe that my unique visual approach and sense of humor play a key role in creating a fun and relaxing environment for the women I photograph. I understand that posing for intimate photos can be nerve-wracking, so I do everything I can to make my clients feel at ease. And bonus: You get to see me ridiculously attempt to pull of all the sexy poses when I am showing you how to pose. That’s always good for a laugh. Above all, I want to create a safe and fun environment for you to let your beauty show through.

I would love the chance to chat with you and see if this experience is something that can help change your life. I look forward to talking with you.


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